Hello there! 👋

I'm Kyle. A few years back I decided to forgo the city metro commute. Instead, I filled up the tires of an old hand-me-down mountain bike and pedaled into the bicycle lane. Cycling quickly became a passion, rain or shine.

Soon I grew into a proper road bike, understood the value of water resistant outerwear and realized that being doored was a thing. I also began searching for a good solution to help me attach an ordinary bag to my bike. The products I found weren't quite right. So, I decided to create my own hardware from scratch. First, I designed and manufactured 'The Kirk.' Those little red hooks carried my things faithfully to and from work each week throughout the year. Then came the Bird of Prey which gave me the ability to quickly clamp my hooks to my favorite backpack without drilling into it. This was a game changer in convenience.

After many road tests, learning experiences and redesigns, each piece of hardware evolved into the equipment that it is today. Now, I'm on a journey to share the ease and simplicity I discovered with others. As a small business owner, I take pride in fulfilling each order by hand and connecting with fellow cycle adventurers. All with the hope that the quality of cycle life for others just became a tiny bit better.

Best regards,