Gravel Kirk

Carbon Fiber Bicycle Pannier Hardware Kit


Our strongest, most durable pannier hardware yet. Forged from a carbon fiber/nylon blend, these hooks can take a beating. Load tested at 35 lbs, the G Kirks are ready to keep your bag fastened to your rails. Perfect for those backwoods, backroad, choppy gravel trips, or for riders looking to haul big weight securely through the city. Each kit includes 2 hooks, 2 washers and all the mounting hardware needed to get your gear on the road.

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Pannier Backpack

David Larson

I can now take my fiddle anywhere without it bouncing on my back all day and compromising my movements.

Even taking my fiddle down the roughest back road trails to my favorite fishing spots is no worry.

These hooks are very strong and rock solid when mounted onto the bike. This was an easy project.

Thank you Universal Pannier Hooks!

Nicky Brown

This was exactly what I was looking for! I commute around town on my bike and wanted to be able to convert a backpack to a pannier so I could just have one bag. Universal Pannier answered my questions super fast, super friendly. It got shipped out very quickly, packed in multiple layers of bubble wrap so it came in pristine condition.

Very easy to install and I'm good to go!

Charles Nixon

What a great idea! They were easy to install, and I've had my backpack bouncing along on the back of my bike hanging from them for about a month's worth of commutes now. They've been great!