A word from our customers

We've heard a lot of great things from people using our products. Here's some of our favorites.

"I am about to take a 4500mi journey coast to coast and excited I didn't have to buy new panniers for it."
Fat Tad Pannier

- Sterling

"I installed them on an older Overland rear pannier. They work great! I like the way they securely hold onto my rack rails. They stay put despite the bumpy riding and then taking the panniers off is a cinch because of the way the clips flex."

- Bhaskar

"These were the trick. They really stiffened up these boxes on my fat tad. Bonus they came in orange."
Fat Tad Pannier

- JH

"I installed my Pannier Hooks to the back of a fully loaded TimBuck2 Messenger Bag. They've been a dream!"

- Alex

"I have many many backpacks that I have always thought would be super handy to turn into panniers. I had looked up DIY instructions to make them but thought it was way too complicated for me to do. This kit made that super easy!"

- Jennifer

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