Sturdy Standalone Pannier Hooks

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Have a carrying apparatus that you'd like to move from your back to your bike rack? Maybe you refuse to be confined by the selection of bags with pannier rails and hooks pre-installed?

Whichever the case may be, our sturdy diy pannier hardware allows you to easily clip & unclip any bag to your bicycle.

DIY pannier backpack hooks on bike rack

DIY pack-to-bicycle mounting hardware engineered to quickly install with two screws, keeping modification to a minimum.

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Designed to protect your bag's contents from the nuts and bolts.

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Duffle bag pannier

Our panniering kit will retrofit any bag, allowing you to attach it to most bike racks.

Just what you need so you can use what you love.

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Backpack pannier hooks

Small in size, adding function to your backpack without losing the ability to wear it.

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