Bird of Prey

Universal Backpack Pannier Hardware Kit


Why be burdened by your backpack when your bike can carry it?

Bird of Prey is our latest DIY pannier hardware specifically designed to help clip your favorite bag securely to your bike.

Installs on any backpack in seconds by clamping over each shoulder strap. Super easy to take on and off the bike rack. Hook depth and fit keeps your bag securely on the rails. Thoughtfully engineered to keep your backpack wearable while installed.

Made by cyclists for cyclists.

(Each kit includes everything you need for one backpack)

Rail Size:

Manufactured & shipped from within the United States
Patent 1679832

Weight Capacity




3" max strap width

Rack Rail Diameter :

10mm or 16mm


US Customers:
(Orders $30+ ship free)

International Customers:
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90-day money back guarantee

Backpack Pannier

Shane Levine

I used these to convert both of my Chrome messenger backpacks into panniers, and it worked like a charm! I can now use my backpacks as both regular backpacks and panniers, which is great. The hooks don't effect comfort when I wear the packs, as they are all the way up at the very top of the strap.

I wish I'd bought these hooks for my bags sooner sooner!

Phil Morris

The hooks were a big success. I used them on my front rack by creating a harness with half inch webbing and some homemade tyvek roll-tops. At first, I did a shakedown with a bungee on each bag but that actually pulled things up, though the hooks didn't jump off the rack. Next, I just ran the webbing behind the front rack then under my bags and it was super stable. I'm still surprised by how stable the bags were.

I was on paved roads most of the time with a tiny bit of gravel once in a while. I may try to make more traditional style front panniers or evolve the existing system, but I wouldn't hesitate to do it exactly the same way again.