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Universal Bicycle Pannier Hook Kit

$12 $10 ON SALE!

Everything needed to quickly clip & unclip your bag to your rear wheel bike rack. Our universal DIY pannier set includes 2 hooks, 2 inside-bag washers and all the mounting hardware required.

Why not let the bicycle do the carrying?

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Pannier Backpack

Patrick Punch/ February 11, 2023

I have been torn for so long between giving up my favorite bag to make commuting around and to school easier but I really don’t want to stop using it and new pannier gear is expensive! Your product is the perfect solution to modulate any bag for bike mounting.

I will certainly be getting more products from you when I start using more bags on my bike. Also the color goes perfectly with the theme of my backpack! I was very nervous to put holes in it, but I truly cannot thank you enough I feel so happy with how things turned out!

Pannier Backpack

Victor dos Santos

Universal Pannier's unique product solved our problem. It was easy to install and works really well. We're almost a year into its use and the clips are as sturdy as ever.

uP's service was fantastic and you even went as far as upgrading our purchase to the carbon fiber reinforced clips at no additional cost. You also ensured that the package arrived at my door without a hitch.

A great product and an even better service experience. 100% recommended.

Backpack Pannier Hooks

Kristoffer Clarence

This is super cool! For the price, these are really worth it! I purchased the Kirk universal pannier hooks because it has two screws and mounts anywhere on my existing backpack, duffle, or even sling bag.